Poolhouse is a true “state of the art” recording studio situated in St. Raphaël on the French Riviera
(between Cannes and St. Tropez).
A Pro Tools HD2 Accel System using 3 I/0 96 units offers 24 analogue recording inputs at a 96 kHz sample rate.
The “live room” has separation panels and two vocal booths that enable simultaneous live sessions and variable acoustic environments.
A residential apartment and catering are available if required as well as heated swimming pool, sauna, barbeque, garden, satellite television and wi-fi (DSL).The team can of course help to organize all your local backline requirements.

POOLHOUSE : 2549 Rte de la Corniche 83700 St.Raphaël FRANCE Tel : +33 494 830 215 / +33 660 230 294 / poolhouse@poolhouse.fr